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Swimming Competitions

There are both individual and team BUCS competitions. There are two individual competitions – both held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. The first is held in 1st term and is the short course competition, the 2nd, being held around February time, is a long course event. As a team we stay over in Sheffield on the Friday and Saturday night, with the event running Friday to Sunday. It is a great way to get to know other members of the team and well as being able to compete against hundreds of different students from all over the country.

The team competition is tiered into Championship, Trophy and Shield, also known as Division 1-3. These tiers are split into North and South. Currently York's A team are in Division 2, with the B team being in Division 3. The top 4 teams from North and South in each Division go into the final to compete for victory in their Division.

The biggest event on the swimming calendar is Roses. This is a competition between York (white rose) and Lancaster (red rose). The location alters from year to year, one in York and the next in Lancaster.

As well as the competitions stated above, we take part in many smaller events, on a friendly basis, basically to get some racing practice in. We go to local places, such as Leeds, Manchester and Hull.

UYSWC usually have enough swimmers to form an A and B team for many of our competitions. Teams are picked by the captains and coach to ensure that the best teams are out in the pool, to give the best chance of victory.

Swimmers on the block.
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